Feb 11, 2017

Nobody blogs anymore!

What the fuck happened to you people! About the only person who has managed to keep things up is Elayne Riggs... congrats Elanye! You are a pillar, someone who makes the effort and I comment you! I wish Jamelah had your toughness!

You know there are a couple of people I used to read on a regular basis including Warren Ellis but he’s vanished as well!

Even Jamelah doesn’t blog much and I really enjoyed her writing.

Maybe it’s just a question of blogging having had it’s time in the sun and now the people on the internet have moved on to Facebook —> Snapchat —> Twitter —> Instagram.

Just goes to show you how much of a dinosaur you can become in a relatively short period of time.

1 comment:

Elayne said...

Thanks Peej! Now will you please email me your snail mail address so this year's holiday card can get to you??? :)